• 1.5 liter 4cyl Turbo Charged Engine (156HP C180)
  • 2.0 liter 4cyl Turbo Charged Engine (204HP C200)
  • 9 Speed 9G Tronic
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Beautiful design, cutting edge technology

The C-Class proves there’s nothing as elegant as a true athlete. Muscular lines trace a body that’s lean, confident and capable. A seamless flow of passion and precision describe its looks, and define its every move.

Never stop improving.

Itʼs not about being better than others. Itʼs about becoming better than you are. Thatʼs what
counts. In sport as well as on the road. The C-Class is known for its perfect proportions,
its comfort, its quality and its drive: to exceed itself every day, on every journey, over and
over again.

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