• 2.0 liter Turbo Diesel Engine/2.0 liter Bi-Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 140 HP (Single Turbo)/180 HP (Bi-Turbo)
  • Torque 340NM (Single Turbo)/400NM (Bi-Turbo)
  • 6 Speed manual (Single Turbo) or 8 Speed Auto (Bi-Turbo)
  • 4-Motion 4-Wheel drive
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A Premium Interior

The Amarok comes with top-of-the range
interior with quality to match. The seating position
is higher than in a sports utility vehicle and at the
same time as comfortable. Both of the seats in the front are
multi adjustable making sure you arrive feeling relaxed.
The rear bench seat has space for three people and can
be folded up if you need to transport larger items.

Increased form of power

Uncompromising off-road. Spirited on the asphalt. The new Amarok combines
everything that you expect from an exclusive, premium-class all-rounder:
a masculine design and robust construction along with plenty of power.

The new Amarok is the only pickup in its class to offer drivers the option of combining the
4MOTION permanent all-wheel drive with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The automatic gear-change
system boosts driving comfort considerably, particularly on challenging terrain or in mountainous regions.

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